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Reliable pressure measurement in high-vacuum environment relies on Bayard Alpert ionization gauges. CTVM has inherated from SVT recognized experience in this field and can offer various models based on either the glass envelopped gauge design or nude design mounted on a CF flange.

All our models are manufactured with insulating glass to metal feedthroughs. The metal grade, the shape and size of the grids, filaments and anodes vary as a function of the sensitivity and pressure level that need to be offered. 

  • Nude
  • Mounted on CF35 flange
  • Welded tungsten filaments, pin shape (F1 et F2)
  • Molybdenum grid (G)
  • Tungsten collector (C)
  • Tungsten modulator (M)
  • Kovar core
  • Bakeable at 400° C
  • Operating pressure :  10-3 to 10-10 Torr
  • Atmosphere sensitivity : 18/Torr